Matthew Brookes

Matthew Brookes is represented by CLM

Self taught photographer Matthew Brookes was born in England , grew up in South Africa and now lives between Paris and NY. Matthew’s early career as a photographer began in South Africa but quickly moved to Paris – this was a great influence on his aesthetic as a photographer as he was fascinated by the effortless simplicity of Parisian style. The combination of French simplicity and his love of nature and authentic imagery became a lasting base to his photography.

Matthew’s very goal as a photographer is to photograph the soul of his subject – when he has someone in front of his lens he likes to work from the inside out instead of the outside in – for this reason he loves to work with actors or models with a sensitive character as they can be generous with their emotions.

Matthew also published his first book ‘Les Danseurs’ in 2015 – based on the Ballet Dancers from the Paris Opera.


Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops

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